We work with select brokers in various hotspots around the world to distribute Life Tenancy Investments. Specifically with brokers that deal with UK property investments.

With our range of Life Tenancy Investments, we can really help you add value to your client’s portfolio.

UK Property in general has been quite popular for overseas investors for a number of years and the market could be described as saturated. However, you won’t have such issues with Life Tenancy Investments as the majority [if not all] of the Life Tenancy Investments for the UK will flow through MacBeale.

Because of the unique way that Life Tenancy Investments are arranged, your clients can gain significant value with very little risk. Not only are your clients purchasing existing tangible property but they are purchasing it so much lower than the RICS valuation.

We will provide all the training and materials needed to attract and nurture your clients. We support our brokers with brochures, presentation handouts and training sessions.

Naturally we provide a healthy sales commission structure that will benefit our brokers and incentivise the hard work that goes into every sale.

To discuss working with MacBeale, please request a callback from our team: