Are Hard Sales Tactics Used on Life Tenants?

It’s understandable to believe that hard sales tactics may get used on potential Life Tenants, but actually it’s quite the opposite.

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Life Tenants don’t go through any hard sales tactics but instead go through a 14 stage process before they become a Life Tenant. We will have gone through all the options available to them including selling & downsizing, Equity Release and renting in the open market. We will have met with their family and they will have spoken to their legal representatives, so everyone has been kept in the loop from day one.

Opposite of Hard Sales Tactics for Life Tenants

To give you an idea of how much detail we go into when selecting a Life Tenant, on average it takes between 6-18 months to fully qualify a potential Life Tenant. In fact less than 1 in 5 people who enquire get to become a qualified tenant. So there are no unethical sales strategies used in fact the opposite is true, we are aware this is a sensitive issue and do everything in our power to ensure the Lifetime Tenant is happy to become a tenant. Had we not been so thorough in the initial stages this could lead to the Life Tenants being unhappy at a later stage and this is a situation we wish to avoid at all costs, we don’t want unhappy Life Tenants, or investors for that matter.