How to Choose the Best Lifetime Tenancy Property?

*Data from single female occupancy purchase rates

Age of Tenants

If you take a look at our sold properties page, you can see there is a range of discounts available on the properties. The main factor that determines how much a Life Tenant pays compared with an investor, is the Tenant’s Age.

The younger the tenants, [in theory] the longer the investment and the bigger the discount.

The older the tenants, [in theory] the shorter the investment and smaller the discount.

choosing a life tenancy investment

Type of Property

Life Tenancy Investments come in all shapes and sizes. Houses, bungalows, flats and maisonettes are all commonly offered to our investors.

Though you might take some time to pick out one you prefer, the reality is that Life Tenancy Investments are all about the numbers so we urge investors to not get too bogged down in the type of property.

Sharing Equity

If you have already read the Life Tenancy Investments Ebook you will know that sometimes the Life Tenants prefer to retain some equity in the property, whilst others do not. This is interpreted in different ways by investors.

Some believe that by having a Life Tenant that retains a financial interest in the property, that there may be some complications during the probate process.

Whilst others believe that having a Life Tenant owning some equity in the property, that will be more inclined to look after the property and spend money on improvements thus adding value for the investor.


Our investments are mainly in the south of England. London, Kent, East & West Sussex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Devon, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are very common areas for our Life Tenancy Investments. We include some research in our property brochures specific to the relevant areas to give you an idea of the economic factors that will lead to house price inflation.

It’s not only the big cities that achieve outstanding growth so we urge investors to look at all areas, not just cities that you’re are familiar with.

A lot of this information and much more can be found in our extensive ebook:

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