What if a Life Tenant Remarries?

We understand investors may feel there is a risk if a Life Tenant remarries during a tenancy.

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If the Life Tenant remarries the new partner must get written permission from the investor to live in the property, they must also sign a disclaimer which enforces the fact they have no rights to remain in the property after the original Life Tenant dies, or goes into long term care.

Does Remarrying Affect a Life Tenancy Agreement?

There is only one tenancy agreement, unless someone is on the agreement day one, they can never be added in the future. This would also apply to family members of the Life Tenant. It would also apply if the Life Tenant needed to have live-in care in later years, the carer or nurse would also need written permission to live in the property and would need to sign the disclaimer giving them no rights to remain after the Life Tenant died. This is all fully covered as part of the 14 stage vetting process for a Life Tenant and will also have been discussed with close members of the family at an early stage.