Life Tenancy Investments

With a Life Tenancy Investment or Life Tenancy Property, you can flip UK property investment on its head and get back to strong, consistent returns.

What is a Life Tenancy?

A Life Tenancy is a legal tenancy agreement by which the tenant has occupancy of a residence until they pass away or move into assisted care.

Private investors can purchase properties that have been purposefully chosen by a Life Tenant.

Life Tenancy PropertyWhat is a Life Tenancy Investment

Key Benefits of a Life Tenancy Property:

  • Up to 60% discount from market value
  • No Stamp Duty surcharge
  • No Letting agent fees
  • No Maintenance fees
  • No Insurance fees
  • No Rental voids
  • No Evictions
  • No Input at all

All of these benefits plus higher returns than buy to let and the investor is always the registered owner of the property at HM Land Registry. 

How does a Life Tenancy Investment work?

Please watch our explainer video to fully understand this powerful investment strategy:

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Benefits of a Life Tenancy Investment


Up to 60% upfront discount from RICS vacant possession value on houses and apartments in the United Kingdom.


There is no dealing with [and paying] real estate agencies to manage your tenants, their issues and issues with non-payments and evictions.


Due to the unique nature of a Life Tenancy Agreement, there is no liability for the UK’s SDLT surcharge. And in many cases, no stamp duty at all.*

House Price Inflation

Whilst you have a Life Tenant living in your property, the asset is being exposed to long-term house price inflation from it’s full value.

Existing Buildings

No risk of projects failing or being delivered late, all Life Tenancy Properties we offer are existing buildings or structures.

Income Tax

All your profit from a Life Tenancy Investment is secured from day one, not from a regular income which is highly taxable.*

No Upkeep Costs

Your tenants are responsible for all maintenance of the property, which eliminates all the financial risks associated with rental properties.

No Insurance Fees

It is your tenants that are responsible for the insurance of your property and we ensure it’s always up to date via our block policy.

Truly Hands-Off

You’re earning a great return long-term without having to worry about the small details. A bit like banks profiting from lending mortgages.

*Whilst we aim to keep our statements regarding tax up to date, please be aware that tax laws can change.

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