What is a Life Tenancy Investment?

3 Reasons you will love Life Tenancy Investments:

  1. Discount – Up to 60% upfront discount on houses and apartments in the UK
  2. Hassle Free – You never have to deal with the headaches of buy-to-let
  3. Huge Growth Potential – You can earn big on the initial discount but also on years of house price inflation

The video explains how it works:

The Ebook

  • How Life Tenancies Work
  • Benefits of Investing
  • How Properties Are Valued
  • Investment Illustrations
  • Resale Opportunities
  • Next Steps
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Benefits of a Life Tenancy Investment


Up to 60% upfront discount on houses and apartments in the United Kingdom.


No dealing with [and paying] agencies to manage your tenants and their issues.


Because of the unique nature of an LTI, there is no liability for the stamp duty surcharge.*

House Price Inflation

Whilst the property is tenanted, it’s being exposed to long term house price inflation

Existing Buildings

No risk of projects not being built or being delivered late, all LTIs are existing buildings.

Income Tax

You profit from day one, not from a regular income which is taxable.*

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