Can I get a Mortgage for a Life Tenancy Property?

No, it’s highly unlikely you get a mortgage for a Life Tenancy Property. For some good reasons:

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It is highly unlikely that you can obtain finance on one of these properties for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that were the investor to default on the payments, then the lender would be unable to repossess the property due to the Life Tenants’ rights being registered with the land registry. It would be impossible to overturn this through the courts.

Why wouldn’t a lender want to give a Mortgage for a Life Tenancy Property?

A mortgage lender is not going to want to be involved in a transaction where their security is compromised to this degree. The investor will also have trouble trying to arrange any form of finance on the property in the future for the same reasons we have mentioned. So this means Life Tenancy Property is for cash buyers only and is likely to always remain that way.