Can I Negotiate the Price for a Life Tenancy Property?

You cannot negotiate the price of a Life Tenancy Property as they are fixed for the following reasons:

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The sale of a Life Tenancy Property has been agreed on the open market for the current market value. There are no distressed properties or bank repossessions with Life Tenancy Investments. All our properties are available on the open market to purchase as a normal residence, when the Life Tenant chooses the property. So your house or anyone’s house could become a Life Tenancy Property were it on the market and one of our life tenants wished to live in it.

So I cannot Negotiate the Price of a Life Tenancy Property?

Many of the properties can be seen on Rightmove or Zoopla. So you can often see that they have been sold STC. The price we offer the property to the investor for is equal to, or often less than the advertised sale price. We then apply the discount to the property using actuarial tables based on the Life tenants age. All the properties have had an independent RICS valuation done to ensure that the property is at a fair and accurate value.